Michelle Ivankovic
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The RIBBONWOOD CLOCK is a stylish wall clock that utilizes bent formed beachwood and contrasting hour hands. Its folded ribbon shapes add a natural, clean and timeless element to your home or workspace.

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Based on 20 reviews
  • 4.0

    Wedge Head

    2018 Jul 12th

    Looks great after taking their ugly logo sticker off the front!

    Impressed overall but think it might be haunted. It has lost time on two occasions but once adjusted, it seems to work fine for months at a time.

  • 5.0


    2018 Jun 29th

    Spray Paintable!

    Really happy with this product. I was actually looking for something just like this in brass to match my mid century modern decor. I bought a can of gold metallic spray paint and, with one coat, was able to totally transform this into an expensive looking brass clock. This also covered up the unsightly "umbra" logo right on the front. Super lightweight, was able to hang with a single nail without concern.

  • 5.0


    2018 Apr 18th

    Looks great on the wall

    Looks great on the wall, and I love the sense of depth it provides compared to a regular wall clock. Also, I stained mine with a red mahogany stain that I think really adds to the look of the clock and went a long way to helping it mesh with the rest of my living room. If you're concerned about the light wood tone I'd recommend doing the same. Also, the hands move in a smooth, continuous motion without ticking, so be aware of that. I thought I had a defective unit when I first inserted a battery because I was expecting a ticking noise. So if you specifically want a clock that doesn't tick, this is a great option.

  • 4.0


    2018 Apr 9th

    I bought this clock as an accessory to my newly renovated room and because it doesn't have any loud annoying ticking sound

    This clock is certainly modern looking. I bought this clock as an accessory to my newly renovated room and because it doesn't have any loud annoying ticking sound. It has a sweeping hour and minute hand. My only complaint and I'm sure other reviewers can agree, is the brand's logo is conspicuously printed on the front of the face. It may be for orientation purposes or for advertising but either way, it shouldn't be printed in the front of the face. It destroys the aesthetics of the clock.

  • 3.0

    Brian Sullivan

    2018 Mar 26th

    Three Stars

    Beautiful but arrived partially broken.

  • 5.0


    2018 Mar 19th

    This clock is so cool. I hung it above a vintage pie safe ...

    This clock is so cool. I hung it above a vintage pie safe with some gourds on top. It brought the space right back into the 21st century!

  • 2.0

    Kerry Maura Fraser

    2018 Mar 7th

    Misleading Product Image...

    I just bought this clock. I loved the stylish modern simplicity. I noticed that the metal Umbra clocks had a logo, but this clock did not (on ANY of the websites that I checked, including Amazon), so I felt confident that the clock would arrive as depicted in the description and photographs.I was VERY disappointed to find that a black UMBRA logo is conspicuously stamped onto the face of the clock, ruining its otherwise beautiful design. From a distance, it looks like a smudge or a bug. Apparently, whoever photographed the product shot for this item also felt the logo detracted from the design. Why else would it have been photoshopped out?Other than the logo, I would be very pleased with this item. Great size, beautiful finish. Haven't decided if it's going back or not...

  • 5.0


    2018 Jan 22nd

    Unique clock

    Love this clock. Very light weight and keeps good time.

  • 2.0

    L. Fenner

    2018 Jan 16th

    Terrible logo ruins desig

    Nothing wrong with the clock. The company stamps their logo into the wood on the front of the clock ruining sleek the design.

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