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Fountain Planter DIYs

Fountain Planter DIYs

Paige Schnarr |


We challenged four different plant lovers to create their own custom garden using our newest planter, Fountain. With two tiers and a white, ceramic finish, these DIY'ers had a blank and modern slate to work with.

View below to see each DIY and be sure to vote for your favorite here. 

We will be selecting 10 random voters to win their own Fountain Planter. Voting ends September 22nd 11:59pm EST.




"After seeing photos of the Fountain Planter with mini cacti on Umbra's website, I knew I needed to create my own version of a cactus garden! I headed to our local garden center where I found the perfect ones."
"I already had cactus/succulent soil and sand at home. I started with a layer of soil, planted the cacti and then spread a thin layer of sand on top to help with drainage. The next day the mini white pebbles arrived and I was able to complete the garden. The stones gave the planter a modern feel, and made the finished Fountain Planter a perfect fit for our Scandinavian style home!" 




" I’m such a fan of this planter! It’s so well-made and adaptable to any style. The ceramic material and matte finish give it an expensive feel, without the price tag. It’s so versatile and makes styling easy."
"We were in need of a centerpiece floral arrangement. I had seen Erin @theheartandhaven make a frog lid out of clay. This lid allows for stems to be arranged more purposefully in a vase, and I thought it could help me achieve the look I was going for with this planter. The outer ring was a fun way to add something extra to the centerpiece with the stones. I love getting to dress up a centerpiece in such a unique way!"



"I love the simplicity of this planter as well as the thoughtful design details. The layered shape and vertical texture on the edges create interest and make it unique. I knew when I was concepting my DIY that I wanted to use plants that would bring a softness and organic feeling."
"The blue star fern and pilea are easy to care for and offer interesting textures alongside the more classic Echeveria succulents. I created my own sand mixture to get the colour that I envisioned and I’m so happy with the clean and peaceful outcome. It was fun and easy to create and I can imagine myself recreating different versions or changing the function of this product in the future. It’s wonderfully versatile which is a designer’s dream."






"I am absolutely in love with this fountain planter! There are endless ways to style this planter and I’m so happy I was able to incorporate life into it by using plants."



"I love that it’s made with ceramic so it’s has a weighted feel to it and the matte white finish makes it extremely flexible to use in any space."
"I used pumice as a base for the air plants and a 4-inch cactus that fit right into the center of the planter. It was an easy and quick setup and I love that I’m able to customize and change the setup to fit into whatever setting." 


Visit our DIY page here to see more & vote for your favorite.


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