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Three Tips for Choosing a Jewelry Box

Three Tips for Choosing a Jewelry Box

Paige Schnarr |

Finding the best jewelry box for you is a personal decision. You want a lovely container to hold your precious accessories. You likely want it to suit your style, while being practical enough to neatly store as much of your jewelry as possible.

It can be difficult to find the right jewelry box for you, especially if you are concerned about how to organize your earrings, watches, rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Let’s look at a few factors to consider before your next jewelry box purchase. 



What Materials Are Used to Make the Jewelry Box?


Tuck Jewelry Box


Although you can find unconventional materials, jewelry boxes crafted from wood are classic and stylish. Wood is durable, protective, natural, and attractive. When made with the right eye for design, jewelry boxes made of wood can fit wonderfully with modern décor. A simple bamboo, cube-shaped jewelry box looks lovely on a dresser, vanity, or countertop. The trays on the inside of the box can make a high-quality item really stand out. You want to know if the trays or drawers are lined with a linen fabric pad or other material to protect your jewelry from scratches. Also look for a box that has padding or small rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding or causing scratches. 



What Features Does the Jewelry Box Offer?


Stowit Jewelry Box


Think about what items you plan to store in your jewelry box and how much space you may need. Maybe you just need a few different-sized compartments for various pieces, plus ring pillows to keep each ring separated. Or perhaps you need an open display top that allows you quick access to the jewelry you wear every day. 

If you need more organization and storage space than a countertop jewelry box can provide, you may want to look into a jewelry organizer that can hang on the door or wall. The best organizers can hold at least 200 pieces of jewelry. Many people need several types of jewelry storage, such as one system to hold everyday items and another to display and organize less frequently worn pieces.



What Does the Design of the Jewelry Box Say to You?


Tesora Jewelry Box


The design of the jewelry box you choose is where you can distinguish your taste and style. You want a jewelry box to be completely functional for you, plus well-constructed and stylish. Do you enjoy a clean, modern design that looks like functional décor? Or do you prefer something that makes a statement, such as a nature-inspired jewelry tree in the shape of an orchid?

A jewelry box is like a piece of art. Finding the right jewelry box for you is worth your time. Pick one that’s made well, looks great in your bedroom, and is equally practical. 

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