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Behind the Design: Perch Mirror

Behind the Design: Perch Mirror

Paige Schnarr |

We sat down with Lead Designer, Sung wook Park to hear more about one of his latest designs, Perch Mirror. This unique mirror features two circular shelves, which can be customized in different placements to best fit your space.




What was the inspiration behind your design? (ie. time, place, material, other item etc.)

I always wanted to design mirror with an integrated shelf but I knew that there are already so many on the market.

So I decided that for this new mirror concept I wanted to create an illusion that the shelf is almost floating in the middle of the mirror. Similar to our popular Conceal Shelves. 

To differentiate it, we designed the mirror & shelving system to be mounted at different angles, so the customer could customize where they want the shelves to be positioned. When you look at the mirror & shelf, you don't see any hardware, which is important and adds to that illusion.


Were there any challenges along the way? (ie. material, manufacturing, costing, etc.) 

Keeping the shelf parallel to the ground and how to design the mechanics in a simple way, that is easy for the customer to assemble with instructions, while they still get the option to mount them at different locations.

It was also important to keep the shelf floating on the mirror, while still being able to hold a good amount of weight without creating damage.


What is your favourite part about the product? 

The most unique element to this mirror is that the shelves can be displayed at different angles. I also like that there are two shelves, you can use one for decor and the other for a more practical item, such as your phone or wallet. Perch Mirror is also versatile for a variety of rooms - a bedroom, bathroom, entryway etc.





What makes this product different/unique/better compared to everything else on the market?

Most mirrors with shelving, the shelf is attached to the mirror structure - to the side frame or the backing of the mirror. Perch's shelves are both floating and can be removed and customized, making it easy to choose different angle orientations. 


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