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Featuring an easy to remove swinging lid, the TOUCH WASTE CAN 's modern matte appearance mixes well in any bathroom or office space and fits well in small spaces.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
  • 4.0


    2019 Sep 12th

    Good Little Can for Half Bath

    This is a good little trash can for a half bathroom that is not used often. I tried it in my main bathroom that gets used a lot. I have found that 1) It is too small for regular use. 2) The flip opening is very small for medium to larger items.

  • 2.0

    robert a leo

    2018 Aug 22nd

    Not Functional

    What"s the problem? The top does not fit easily on the bottom and is difficult to take off when cleaning. Also if you want to put a liner in I don't know where! Also expensive for what you get!

  • 4.0

    Fan mom

    2018 Aug 11th

    Do you want it pretty or do you want it just functional?

    Great design! I love how minimal and clean it looks. Makes my bathroom looks spa-like with sculptural accessories!but flip top trash cans inherently reduce the capacity of the trash can because It takes almost half of the interior trash can space for the lid to turn so you actually only get half the capacity. And because it's not hands-free the lid gets dirty over time too - but I guess if it's a step can the peddle gets dirty too. Also the base is smaller than the top so it could tip over easily.That said, I still love how it looks over traditional step trash cans with a stainless steel body. Stainless trash can just looks so sterile and industrial. I want my bathroom to look like a spa not my office toilet stall. I also think step cans waste a lot of materials because it always comes with a bucket with handle which is so unnecessary.I would definitely recommend for anyone who is willing to compromise ease of use with the modern clean look

  • 5.0

    M Green

    2018 Aug 11th

    Great trash can for low volume area

    Great trash can for next to the toilet. It is a smaller can and would not work for an area that generates more than two or three handfuls of trash in a day. Ordered this to put next to a toilet and is perfect for that use.

  • 5.0


    2018 May 11th

    Five Stars

    Great garbage can, fit in small spaces, looks great too

  • 2.0


    2018 Feb 9th


    The one I receive has a defective lid. It’s very small

  • 2.0

    Lori from Colorado

    2018 Jan 22nd

    Wouldn't buy again

    Lid doesn't flip easily. After putting a trash bag in it, it's much worse.

  • 4.0


    2018 Jan 1st

    Great little bathroom trash bin

    Great little bathroom trash bin. Only thing is the hinge to does take some effort to use, not one you can just drop a tissue on and it will tip into the bin. It is discreet and a good powder room bin

  • 4.0

    Mr. Bender

    2017 Dec 29th

    Iiiiit's a tiny trash can.

    Sometimes the lid can interact with the trash beneath it though. Wish it didn't do that.Maybe I should empty it?Nah.

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