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Strong and simplistic, this set of 12 shower curtain rings are sure to resist any damage. The RIDE SHOWER RINGS help to keep your curtains in place and glide with ease.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
  • 5.0

    J. fisher

    2018 Mar 29th

    Easy to use.

    Easy to use. Love them.

  • 5.0

    senior citizen

    2017 Oct 18th


    These are really attractive. I may order more. I haven't used them yet so don't know if they will rust.

  • 2.0

    Mark Permann

    2017 May 30th

    Ride over each other, there are better options

    Used these for six years but got tired of them riding over each other when pulling back the shower curtain and getting tangled up. The open hook is a good design but now there are two hook designs. Recently replaced with Maytex Mills Metal Double Glide Shower Rings available on Amazon - better design, similar price.

  • 3.0


    2016 Aug 31st

    Looks really good when they're on

    It's probably my shower rod that's the fault--it's an add-on surround rod for a claw-foot tub, with a smaller diameter than most shower rods. I guess that's why some of the rings come off every time I open or close the curtain. Looks really good when they're on, though!

  • 5.0

    D. S.

    2016 Jul 21st

    Five Stars

    Great product - simple, nice design, and work like a charm.

  • 3.0


    2016 Jun 3rd

    I bought them thinking they would not come off the ...

    I bought them thinking they would not come off the shower rod when you move the shower curtain, but they still docome off. they should be bent over just a little more.

  • 3.0

    Rose Marie Brown

    2016 May 21st

    Three Stars

    They slive wonderfully but frequently come off shower rod.

  • 3.0


    2016 Mar 16th

    Three Stars

    work well but a little high priced

  • 5.0

    Julie R.

    2015 Dec 5th

    Incredibly useful around the house! Not just for shower curtains!

    I can see where these might not be great as shower curtain rings, but I LOVE the half twist in them for other things, such as: hooked around the headrest post in the car to hang bags, umbrellas, etc., on and it is the perfect hook in the shower to hang up a shaving mirror! Because of the half twist in the hook, you can even use them in a closet to hang purses so that they hang parallel to other items, rather than perpendicularly, as you would get with a standard "S" hook. If you have priced the plastic hooks that are specifically made to go in your car, these are priced well, plus you get an entire dozen of them! AND they are metal, not plastic, so less prone to break!

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