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This convertible plant holder can be transformed into a hanging or a freestanding planter. NESTA's white speckled ceramic pot can be titled at multiple angles, allowing you to show off your plant from many directions.

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  • 5.0

    Tamara Thorne

    2018 Sep 23rd

    An Modern, Elegant Planter

    This elegant planter is modern and minimalist but looks great with almost any décor. It’s perfect with my Mission-style furnishings. I keep it on a table in my front window. The black metal stand is gracefully curved and very sturdy and the bowl is white with subtle speckles, giving it a very finished – and expensive – look.The base comes with a circular hook for and a black base (with rubberized bottom so it won’t slip) if you want it to stand on its own. You simply screw in the hook or the base. It’s quite clever and you can switch how you use it any time you want.There’s no drainage hole in the pot, nor would I want one since it’s on wood furniture. To make sure my plant succulents aren’t overwatered, I merely put about half an inch of gravel beneath the potting soil before adding the greenery. I’m using succulents since my cats won’t bother them, but it will hold any sort of small plant you want. You could also use artificial plants or fill it with candy if you wanted.I love that the bowl can be tilted in the holder in any direction. This is simply gorgeous and I highly recommend it. It would make a great gift, too.

  • 5.0

    2018 Sep 7th

    Pleasant and soothing to look at

    There is something very pleasant and soothing about the design of Umbra Nesta Planter, Planter/Plant Hanger. I have it as a plant stand, but it can also be used as a hanging planter by switching out the foot base for the circular part and flipping the U-shape and placing the bowl where the arc is above it rather than below. I prefer it as a plant stand. It fits perfect on a book shelf inside the house. As mentioned, it is pleasant and soothing to look at. I'm glad that I selected it and will consider purchasing another.

  • 4.0

    B. Hamlin

    2018 Sep 2nd

    Nice desk planter...

    This is a great planter for an area with limited space. Don't expect this to fill a large corner, as it isn't very large. This is an excellent accent piece for a desk, counter, or general surface. I didn't use the hanging portion of this, but if you wanted to it is very easy to switch it back and forth. I've put succulents in here, which are perfect for something this size. I would not recommend putting any deep-rooted plants in here, as there isn't much space for it to expand. What makes this great for desks or even a dining room table, is that the part that takes up space is elevated. The footprint is very small.I like the quality of the of the planter itself. It has some thickness and isn't a dainty piece. The speckled look of it is unique and adds a bit of whimsey to something that is usually pretty drab. The planter is off-white and the specs appear to be dark blue. The piece that holds the planter is well constructed. You will like that you can hang this and that you can also set it on a surface. It is VERY easy to change out what way you want to use this. You simply screw on the hanger piece or the part that sets on a surface. It will be easy to lose the small eyepiece that it comes with to use as a hanger, so keep this in a secure spot.Great addition to a small area, I recommend this for a work desk or for a small area near a window that would benefit from a bit of green.

  • 5.0

    Suzanne Amara

    2018 Aug 25th

    A lovely hip little planter

    I love this planter! It's so well designed---a bowl shaped planter with a wire base. The bowl can be turned to give the plants more or less sun, so easily. The bowl is speckled, so little bits of dirt on it just look like part of the design! It's deep, so it can hold water and some small rocks at the bottom for drainage (it doesn't have a hole). The base is extremely easy to put together---just twist it onto the base. You also get material to make this a hanging planter, but I decided not to do that.You can see in my picture I put some hen and chicks in here---chicks really, to grow them into new hens! I look forward to them brightening up my winter, and I will put the chicks outside next summer and decide on something new for the planter. I'm going to enjoy using it!

  • 4.0

    Kathleen San Martino

    2018 Aug 21st

    Unique planter that I am using as a chocolate dish; hanging rope is NOT included

    I love this Umbra Nesta planter. It is cute and extremely versatile. It is also small.It comes in four (4) pieces and the hanging rope is NOT included. In the package is the planter, the wire holder, a base plate, and a hanging loop. The base plate and hanging loop are interchangeable and cannot be used at the same time. Since I am using this as a candy dish, I screwed the base plate into the protrusion on top of the wire holder and then turned it over so the dish could sit in the circular hole of the wire frame. Had I wanted to hang this, I would have screwed in the loop onto the protrusion and tied a rope to that, then inserted the planter into the holder.This is very small and great for succulents like cactus or hens and chicks plants. A small ivy or pothos plant would look good in here too but there is no drainage hole. I prefer to use this as a candy holder. It is versatile enough for anything small, like holding change and holding tiny tea tins, various lip balms, matchbooks, or even as a floating candle display.My only disappointment is that it does not come with the black rope pictured. At the current price of $24.00, I feel they should have included that because a suitable rope is not that easy to find.

  • 4.0


    2018 Aug 18th

    Nice for small plants. Pottery bowl 5" across x 3.5" deep.

    This is a nice, sturdy little planter. The pottery bowl has a shiny coating (inside and out) that is white with black speckles. There are no drainage holes in the bottom. The bowl measures 5" across in diameter and 3.5" deep on the inside. When the bowl is put on the black, metal stand, they measure at 7.5" tall x 5.5" wide x 7" wide. The base has a padded, grippy bottom and measures 4.5" across. The kit also comes with a hanger that measures 1 1/8" on the inside of the hole. You can screw in the base for tabletop use or flip the stand and screw in the hanger to make a hanging planter. You supply the rope to hang it. The bowl and holder in hanging mode measures 9.5" tall. There is only about 3" of space between the level of the lip of the bowl and the curved metal that's above it. The metal in the "wire" part of the stand is a sturdy 5mm thick.

  • 4.0


    2018 Aug 13th

    Simple and pretty succulent stand

    Overall I'm very pleased with this little planter. My only complaint (and the reason for deducting a single star) is that if you choose to use the planter as a stand as I did, there's no place to store the hanger attachment. It would be nice if there were some clever trap door on the bottom of the pot or base where you could store the key-sized hanger screw thing. Instead, you either throw it away or throw it into a junk drawer, which I hate doing either of those things.One thing I noticed is that the little dark flecks are more pronounced in person than they appear to be in the picture. I feel the picture makes the pot look more white and less flecked when in reality the flecks are are pretty obvious. They're pretty and don't bother me, but just wanted to make sure others are aware of that.Overall it's quite small. It fits perfectly on a console where I keep a bunch of framed photos and is the perfect size to hold a single succulent (or a couple tiny succulents, but I like the single bigger succulent look better).

  • 3.0

    Amazon Customer

    2018 Jul 14th

    I also purchased the tiered Nesta which I was very happy with.

    WAY smaller then I had anticipated. But to be fair, I didn't read dimensions prior to purchase and the price reflects that it wouldn't be a larger planter. I also purchased the tiered Nesta which I was very happy with.

  • 5.0


    2018 Apr 29th

    Great looking way to display multiple plants

    Absolutely a terrific planter - perfect size for any room or corner. Makes a lovely display with any type of plant and it's versatile enough to be moved around and the planters can be tilted for a different effect. Easy to assemble

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