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A sturdy resin base meets a simple, classic design, the HOLDIT UMBRELLA STAND helps to easily store umbrellas while helping them dry quickly thanks to its wire and airy construction.

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  • 5.0


    2017 Oct 23rd

    Attractive and Well-Made

    I ordered this umbrella stand for my company's reception area. Attractive, heavy resin base, and a decent price. Very modern-looking and goes well with the decor of the office.

  • 5.0

    Cyndy from SJ

    2017 Jun 1st

    ...great for our lobby at work!

    I bought them for work for each lobby entrance. They are very well made, easy to assemble, have a heavy base and don't tip over. Have received compliments on their overall look.

  • 5.0


    2017 Mar 20th

    Nicer quality than expected!

    I tested out 3 umbrella stands for the very small space in my condo's hallway.The first was the Smart Umbrella Stand in White by Yamazaki. The design on that is very nice and it's quite heavy, but it doesn't fit large umbrellas. The umbrellas must somehow be smaller in Japan than they are in the United States. So, that had to go back. I then bought both the Yamazaki Layer Umbrella Stand in black and the Umbra Holdit Umbrella Stand in black. I tend to be a little skeptical about Umbra--I've had some things from them that haven't been well made. But of the three umbrella stands I've tried so far, the Umbra Holdit is the best.The Yamazaki Layer is nicely made of metal, and it would fit any size umbrella, but it's a little tippy on carpet. It isn't weighted very heavily on the bottom. If you have an entirely flat floor that's not a big deal (like a hardwood) but the carpeting in our hallway kind of bulges a little where it meets the wall, and that wasn't stable enough for the the Layer stand.The Hold-it has a heavy, ceramic base (I had assumed the base would be plastic, but it's not, yay!). It feels more well made than I thought it would from the picture--I sort of assumed it was lower quality, but it's not. The "arms" are also sturdier than I had thought they would be. Finally, the Hold-it takes up less space, which in our situation is kind of important. The base is only 3"1/4 inches wide--Amazon doesn't list the width of the base, just the length and height. If you like a more minimalist design and have limited space, I think it's a pretty good bet.

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