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  • Product Summary
    This unique shower caddy is "FLEX"ible in mounting configurations. Mounts over the shower head or over the door.
    • PLASTIC FRAME SHOWER CADDY: Flex Shower Caddy allows you to keep all your shower essentials in one place, while minimizing space in your bath; unique rubber bands mount over your shower head or shower rod that serve as a razor holder and hooks for loofahs
    • FUNCTIONAL MODERN DESIGN: Flex Shower Caddy features two extra wide shelves and flexible rubber bands that hold up to four large shampoo bottles along with four bottle collars that hold bottles bottom-up, making it possible to dispense every drop of soap or shampoo
    • INTEGRATED DRAINING SYSTEM: Flex features an integrated drainage system that prevents moisture buildup that causes unwanted mold and mildew in your shower
    • EASY TO SET UP & MAINTAIN: Flex mounts effortlessly in several configurations – either over the shower head or on the shower curtain rod to suit your bathroom layout
    • DESIGNED BY TOM CHUNG FOR UMBRA: Flex Shower Mirror measures 16 ¼ by 24 by 4 inches and is a highly functional bathroom accessory that will keep all your shower essentials neat and tidy

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    (163 reviews) Write a Review

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    • 5
      Good quality

      JAGJAGJAG on 2018 Sep 23rd

      Works perfect.

    • 3
      Ok, A Bit Pricey For The Product

      john on 2018 Sep 19th

      Ok, A Bit Pricey For The Product, not crazy about the "rubber bands" to retain containers. Does the job for now.

    • 4
      Surf blue is more like a dark mint green.

      Crystal G on 2018 Sep 2nd

      I like the caddy. It was almost perfect. The color was a bit darker in person and I really purchased it because I wanted that nice surf blue color to match with my bathroom accessories. Ugh you win some you lose some. If I knew it was this color I would have when with the beige.Overall its a very good product.

    • 5
      Best caddy ever!

      Betania M on 2018 Aug 26th

      I am loving this caddy! Is super functional, it looks great and you don’t need anything to install it!!I ordered the grey one because I have a grey bathtub. I am not sure it would hold big tall bottles very well since the “bars” are too low.The major pro for me it is the material is made of so it won’t deteriorate with the humidity .

    • 3
      It's okay.

      Karen Crowder on 2018 Aug 26th


    • 5
      Great product

      Karla B on 2018 Aug 22nd

      Love this! Fit everything and hasn’t moved from where we stuck it!

    • 5
      Best caddy ever!

      Rosanna M. Cruz on 2018 Aug 18th

      I purchased metal, plastic, and wood caddies before I found this one and the quality of this caddy is definitely excellent! It looks fancy and sturdy. I have this one for about 4 month and it has not gotten moldy.I purchased another one for my cousin and will buy one more for my sister-in-law.I just love this caddy!

    • 4
      One main flaw, but fixable...

      J on 2018 Aug 15th

      Hallelujah! It's perplexing to me that this type of product isn't commonly available in plastic/resin; in my own experience, and based on reviews, metal caddies always rust - even the "rust-proof" ones. So we were happy to finally find one that wouldn't. The styling is pleasantly simple for the most part, but its perplexing flaw is that instead of having a simple, one-piece hanging construction, there is a separate strap on either side, each of which hook onto the shower post. The main issue is that the hook mechanisms are needlessly wide, and must fit one in front of the other, so it would have been unworkable on our shower, given the shortness of the post - the slightest impact would have caused the front hook to slide off the post and send the caddy crashing down.Fortunately, I realized that I could twist a flexible gear tie in front of the hooks to keep it secure.

    • 5
      No more rust.

      Amazon Customer on 2018 Aug 15th

      I've been using this caddy in the outdoor beach house shower all summer. I was tired of buying a caddy each summer because the metal ones rust. Holds 4 bottles on shampoo and conditioners, 2 bottles of body wash, face wash and room for more. I can even hang a razor from the little drain hole. My company loves it. It will last for years.

    • 5
      The Best Shower Caddy At The Right Price!

      Inquisitive on 2018 Aug 13th

      This is a really great shower caddy. Looks great, easy to clean, will not rust and holds plenty of products. It is super easy to install and suction cups to help stability are excellent. All this and a price that is under $20.00!

    • 5
      Long Lasting

      blevengood on 2018 Aug 13th

      Excellent product - it has been over 6 months and it still looks new, much better than the chrome caddies I’ve had that rust quickly.

    • 5
      Best caddy I’ve ever had!

      Amazon Customer on 2018 Aug 9th

      I bought because I was tired of the metal caddies rusting. I absolutely love it! It’s sturdy, the suction cups on the back keeps it from moving, and it has stayed pearly white without any cleaning. The flexible straps are convenient for big bottles, and strong enough to not let everything fall out. I love being able to store my razor and toothbrush on the side and the hole to place bottles upside down is perfect for getting every last drop of product. I haven’t had any problems thus far, but I wouldnt place small containers that will obviously slide under the straps. I highly recommend this caddy!

    • 5
      Great design

      J on 2018 Aug 9th

      I was looking for non-rusting shower caddy and this caught my attention. The way it's designed allows you to place bath products efficiently. I love the holes in each compartment that you can put bottles upside down.

    • 3
      Great caddy, but Amazon dropped the ball... again!

      Becca N. on 2018 Jul 26th

      The shower caddy is awesome. I got the grey one and it looks great, won't rust, and holds everything I need. However, it arrived without any suction cups for the back!!! I'm starting to get pretty irritated with Amazon. The prices may be cheaper, but it's not worth the hassle of having to constantly return or exchange items. Out of my last 10 orders 5 arrived damaged, missing pieces, or looking well used! This would have been perfect if the suction cups had been included, but now I have to go through the hassle of returning & reordering. What a waste of time for something that should have been easy!!!

    • 3
      Slips down shower head

      Amazon Customer on 2018 Jul 25th

      Everything is great except it keeps slipping down my shower head.

    • 5

      danusha on 2018 Jul 17th

      After many years of NEVER finding any shower caddy to fit/work in this shower.... EUREKA!!this one is ingenious because the arms move to fit your own circumstance, for instance, hanging it on the shower door

    • 5
      I love this one

      Anthony O'Brien on 2018 Jul 16th

      I love this one. Is really flexible and can fit a lot of bottles. We could fit almost 8 bottles in this one.

    • 5
      Love it, so much more room!

      bakingbrowngirl on 2018 Jul 5th

      LOVE this shower caddy! I could actually fit more stuff on it than my previous one in part because of how sturdy it is. It condensed everything from 3 to 2 levels, making my shower seem more spacious. I was able to add more bottles to it, which also made the tub area less cluttered. 3 of the 4 suction cups worked with the tiles on my bathroom wall. Thankfully, you can shift them around to avoid the grout grooves between tiles. I'd defintiely buy this again if I had to, and would probably get this as housewarming gifts for friends (like one other reviewer mentioned).

    • 5
      low maintenance. sturdy.

      rose on 2018 Jun 29th

      durable, attractive. low maintenance

    • 5
      simply amazing. Can't recommend enough

      Jimmy on 2018 Jun 19th

      Been using this a while now, simply amazing. Can't recommend enough!!!

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