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Designed by: Umbra Studio
Designed by: Umbra Studio
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  • Product Summary
    Flex Gel-Lock Bin by Umbra is a shower caddy designed to keep your shower essentials including body wash, shampoo, conditioner, razors and loofas neat and organized. Flex Gel-Lock Bin features our patented Gel-Lock Technology and twist-to-grip suction cups which create a vacuum seal for extreme hold that lasts. Flex Gel-Lock Bin measures 3 ½ x 13 x 4 ½ inches.
    • PATENTED GEL-LOCK TECHNOLOGY: Our patented Gel Lock Technology allows you to lock the suction cups into place, activating a vacuum seal for extreme hold that lasts
    • BATHROOM ORGANIZER: Designed to organize shower essentials, this shower caddy has space for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, a razor, plus 2 hooks for hanging loofahs, washcloths and more; the flexible band in the front of the caddy allows for increased storage
    • RUST PROOF & EASY TO CLEAN: This shower hook is rust proof and made from durable plastics that have been tested for strength and longevity
    • INTEGRATED STORAGE FOR SHAMPOO AND DRAINAGE: Holes built into the caddy allow you to store the bottles upside down, so you can make use of all the soap, shampoo or conditioner in the bottle. This bin has integrated drainage holes that allow water to drain out of the caddy, helping it stay clean and dry.
    • WON’T TILT: Suction cups keep the caddy locked into place, so if you put a heavier bottle on one side of the caddy, everything remains standing, great for showers where you cannot hang a caddy over the shower faucet for extra support

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    • 5
      It says put even in a steamey shower

      Marianna Duffy on 2018 Sep 22nd

      Great product. Tried others some stuck for a few months, and others a few weeks. This one feels lots stronger from the start. I am hapy

    • 5

      Emily V on 2018 Sep 19th

      Holding on very well to our tile backsplash in the kitchen. We have a hand-pump soap dispenser in it, and even after many uses of the soap (which means adding downward pressure onto the bin) it's not budging. Easy to clean.

    • 5
      Easy install

      ANNE HAMLIN on 2018 Aug 30th

      Easy installation, was able to install where ever I wanted for easy access.

    • 3
      Great concept but it keeps falling off

      Truth Teller on 2018 Aug 29th

      We followed the directions and it seemed sturdy, but when we put shampoo bottles in the right side kept falling off the wall. We cleaned the tile, dried it, and tightened the dial to "lock it", and did this several times after it fell off, but it just will not hold. It's a great concept and really wish it would've worked for us. The drainage and rust free features are great.

    • 5
      Just what I was looking for!

      Nicole on 2018 Aug 26th

      I purchased this product a little bit ago, but only recently got a chance to finally hang it up in our bathroom now that the remodel is complete. So far so good! I purchased this because I was tired of the soap getting small and slipping through the wire holders we had. It's plastic and feels pretty sturdy. I liked that it was a suction cup but that it allowed you to tighten it to lock it in place and secure it even more. I also like that the tray is moveable, spins and is not in a fixed position. It does have openings in the tray for the water to drain out and dry. I would definitely recommend purchasing this if you are looking for something simple, not too expensive and sturdy.

    • 5
      Actually sticks!

      ksdenson on 2018 Aug 7th

      Most suction cups don't stick to tiled shower walls, but this one does! Easy to clean and has only come off once when my husband accidentally hit it with his elbow.

    • 5
      Super Strong Suction

      Michael Sanchez on 2018 Aug 2nd

      I use it to hold my soap bar. Good quality and hasn’t fallen once.

    • 5
      I love this. Cheaper then some of the others

      Amazon Customer on 2018 Jul 31st

      I love this. Cheaper then some of the others, but stays great on the shower corner. very sturdy.

    • 4
      Did as the directions said and it is holding very nicely. I check it every couple days and have ...

      mysty on 2018 Jul 22nd

      I cleaned where the caddy was going in my plastic shower with alcohol. Did as the directions said and it is holding very nicely.I check it every couple days and have taken several showers and just as tight when I first applied it.

    • 5
      Five Stars

      Khan on 2018 Jul 21st

      works as expected

    • 5
      More than an ordinary dish soap!

      Simon on 2018 Jun 23rd

      You this works pretty damn well, and the technology used to adhere the dish soap to the surface of your shower wall like tile wall for example is pretty cool. At first I just stuck it on the wall and it fell off immediately. After reading the literature, and putting some common sense to play you actually figure it out. So the suction cup is not a ordinary one and it’s not adhesive either. They way that it works is you use the knob with the picture of a lock/unlock depending on the direction. As you turn it in the locking direction the device uses the gel as an adhesive to form a airlock seal.. sorta like vacuum sealing. And bam! Stuck on strong and I couldn’t even pull it out. And ofcourse to remove the dish soap and move to another location just turn the knob in the unlock direction until it loses suction and falls off... works prettt damn well and very smart. I hate those double sided foam tapes that lose suction and or doesn’t come off cleanly. This can be moved and moved and don’t have to worry about damaging the surface. The flush soap is a really durable plastic, very thick so doesn’t seam like it will break or get brittle. I’m glad I tried the product instead of reading the ignorant reviews.

    • 5
      Well Designed and Well Made

      BWRiley on 2018 Jun 7th

      I purchased this soap dish because we resurfaced our shower and replaced the shower door, so the over the door caddy we had been using no longer worked. I was familiar with the Umbra brand because we use a matching caddy in our other bathroom and have been very pleased with it.It is important that you follow the directions to install all the Umbra Gel-Lock products, the directions are clear and easy to follow. This will ensure the gel-lock will have a tight seal.I like the design of this soap dish, it has slots for drainage and ridges to hold the bar of soap off the surface, so your soap stays dry. We are also using the Umbra caddy in our shower, so I am happy that they match.I would definitely purchase this again.

    • 5

      k6omg on 2018 Jun 4th

      WONDERFUL product. This company found out how to finally make things stick to your shower. they not only have powerful suction cups but then a piece that you tighten to hold it. I have three of their gel lock shower/ soap holders and could not be more satisfied!!

    • 5
      Great Line of Bathtub Shelves and Holders

      D. Adams on 2018 Jun 4th

      Very nice shelving for the tub. We purchased several different models and they have stayed attached to the tub walls for several weeks. Make sure the walls are scrubbed clean before attaching.

    • 2
      Two Stars

      1sc1nyy1 on 2018 May 25th

      just not my style.

    • 3
      Worked Til It Didn't

      Antigone Walsh on 2018 May 24th

      I was initially enthused by this product. It is well designed and seemed sturdy. I have not had a whole lot of luck with suction cups in the bath and the gel lock mechanism made sense. It was fine for about a week then down it came. I rewashed the area, wiped with alcohol and put it back up. Fell after three days. Next time it was only a day. The tile in the bath is old but standard and smooth. Not sure what the problem is. I might try it in another bath bust is a pain having to pick up the contents one held.

    • 5
      Successfully sticks to uneven tile surface. Recommend

      Adam G on 2018 May 17th

      Successfully sticks to uneven tile surface.

    • 5
      Excellent Product

      Navigator 03 on 2018 May 12th

      A great purchase. I searched extensively on Amazon for this additional suction soap dish. The first one was purchased in a large retail store some time ago. At first this item did not show up in my Amazon search for a suction soap dish. I was fortunate enough to find the manufacturers name and product description. I entered that into my amazon search bar and there it was!This is one of the best suction soap dishes we have ever found. Would highly recommend. We have flat surface ceramic tiles in the shower.

    • 5
      Once I thoroughly washed my new bathroom wall, the ...

      evelyn Kossick on 2018 May 7th

      Once I thoroughly washed my new bathroom wall, the shelves has remained suctioned fir weeks. The big, full shampoo bottles when added to a shelf’s content do cause it to unstick.

    • 5
      Easy to install, and simple but GEL CUPS STOP WORKING

      Erin on 2018 Apr 7th

      **REVISED after 6 months of use**Gel cups stop working after six months. No replacement. No way to continue using it. Bummer.When I first bought it.... Easy to install. Fits everything in my shower - shampoo, conditioner, face wash, razor, bar soap, and loofa. Love the ability of installing on any shower wall. I hate regular shower organizers that hang under the shower head because I have to go through the running water to grab something. So I installed this caddy on the back wall so I can access my shower stuff without getting my hair wet. It's been up for about one month and has not fallen down.

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