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The FLEX DRAIN STOP & HAIR CATCHER is a 2-in-1 bath product that transforms with the simple push of a button. Simply press the center button to use as a hair catcher or push the upturned edges to snap the valve shut to become a drain stop.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
  • 4.0


    2019 Aug 23rd


    Seems to work just fine.

  • 2.0

    Kim Wefelmeyer

    2018 Aug 30th

    Two Stars

    Very hard to keep clean - I would not buy this again.

  • 2.0


    2018 Aug 10th

    Review for the umbra hair catcher/drain stopper

    As a drain stopper this works very well, as a hair catcher, it is garbage. Yes, the hair gets caught around the catcher but it quickly creates a puddle in the shower. When cleaning off the hair you have to just rip it off, it does not easily wipe away. If you are looking for a hair catcher you are better off trying something else.

  • 3.0

    Devin Ann Erikson

    2018 Aug 10th

    Great as a drain stop but not as a drain filter !

    It definitely works well as a drain stop, but the hair catcher feature doesn’t really work. It is not an effective with adequately draining water when it is in the hair catcher position. Water begins to pool very quickly and the whole item has to be removed from the drain to allow the water to drain completely from the tub. It works well in order to fill the tub and as a drain cover to prevent things from coming up the drain when the tub is not in use.

  • 3.0

    Kimberly Mancinelli

    2018 Aug 5th

    Three Stars

    cheap, but does the job

  • 3.0


    2018 Jul 26th

    sort of stops water

    so I got the drain stopper and it like, kinda stops the water... my tub can fill, but it takes forever and doesn't actually prevent any water leakage. Guess that's what i get for a $6 product

  • 5.0


    2018 Jul 20th

    Easy install, works great!

    Great product! Especially if your wife/husband sheads worse than the dog

  • 5.0


    2018 Jul 9th

    works great so far

    Just arrived and tested out, works great so far!

  • 5.0

    S. Hoffman

    2018 Jun 30th

    Works great...have some scissors ready!

    I didn't think this would catch that much hair, but to my surprise this thing works!! Just have some scissors ready to cut out the blob!

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