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  • Product Summary
    One of our most popular products, the document frame's sleek finish and classic design is the ideal solution for both protecting and celebrating your certificates o or photos.
    • ADAPTABLE 11 X 14 PHOTO FRAME: Designed to frame documents, adding a sleek finish to the traditional frame
    • MODERN DESIGN: Designed by Paul Rowan for Umbra, Document features a black frame with two pieces of glass that hold your document or picture in place
    • DISPLAY PHOTOS, ARTWORK & MORE: Use Document to showcase your favorite 11 x 14 or 8 ½ x 11 inch floating certificates, photos or documents of any memorable event, award or achievement
    • VERSATILE PHOTO DISPLAY: Document can be formatted horizontally or vertically as a mounted wall display with frame hooks on the back that is ensured to enhance your décor at home or at the office
    • EASY TO USE AND SET UP: Document comes with easy opening tabs at the back for quick loading and updating of your documents or photos

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    (497 reviews) Write a Review

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    • 5

      Sam I am (not) on 2018 Sep 3rd

      Beautiful. Love these.

    • 5

      John V. Gorman on 2018 Sep 2nd

      Nice framing option

    • 5

      Otter on 2018 Aug 26th

      This is exactly what I needed. High quality and easy to use.

    • 5
      Beautiful and consistent product

      B. Parisi on 2018 Aug 11th

      I purchased two of these a couple years ago to place both children's National Honor Society awards smashed. I ordered one more and they still look identical, the product is the same quality as 2 years ago....simple to use and looks amazing.

    • 4
      Front glass is glued into place

      Patrick R. on 2018 Jul 27th

      Bought this frame hoping to remove the glass and use my own non-breakable acrylic for a special print that I have. The back piece of glass is removable, of course, but the front piece seems to be glued into place. I don't fault the frame, therefore leaving a 4-star review, but I was disappointed to find that it wasn't similar to other frames that I've found at Michael's.

    • 5
      Sleek and clean look

      Jessica on 2018 Jul 26th

      Very nice frame. The glass back looks very sleek!

    • 4
      TLDR: Great frame, but annoying adhesive securing the stock photo

      Derek Collinsworth on 2018 Jul 25th

      Wonderful frame. Beautiful, and exactly what I was looking for/hoping for. My issue is that when it arrived, the adhesive used for the stock photo and the tab on the back(used to easily remove the back glass) was so strong, it was difficult to clean off the glass. I took the stock photo out and I didn't want my picture being damaged by the adhesive inside the glass, so I had to clean it off....cut to 20 minutes later, I finally finished prepping to put one picture in.

    • 5
      Prefect frame for the perfect price

      Caitlin M on 2018 Jul 23rd

      This frame was exactly what I was looking for! It looks great!

    • 5
      Well made, well packaged, highly recommend

      Rich Holloway on 2018 Jul 21st

      Well made, well packaged, highly recommend. I've gotten some other cheaper frames that weren't made as well and arrived damaged. I got 4 of these and all arrived intact and are perfect for hanging some architecture sketches that I have.

    • 5
      ... dictionary pages with pictures on them and these were great. I plan to order more soon

      Jennifer Bragg on 2018 Jul 17th

      Bought printed dictionary pages with pictures on them and these were great. I plan to order more soon!

    • 3
      Packaging stinks

      Gala A. Copez on 2018 Jul 15th

      The sticker on the glass made this a pain in the butt to use. Way too much work to clean off.

    • 5

      xplosvz on 2018 Jul 12th

      I ended up buying 3 bc they worked out so well. I will continue to buy these frames, they are simple and elegant .... yet, great for every occasion. I bought one to replace my newly divorced uncles spot where the wedding photo used to be with my dogs photo. Looked amazing and matched the walls. Lol. I gave my dad one for Father’s Day with our wedding picture. And then one for the 4th of July to my husband with his and hers boot camp pictures. GREAT!

    • 5
      Love these frames

      David Bell Jr on 2018 Jul 10th

      Love these frames! I wanted a frame with a front and back glass so I could display the foreign currency I have collected and this is exactly what I was looking for. I will be buying more of these.

    • 5
      Classy perfection!

      Lynda Cruz on 2018 Jul 7th

      I purchased 3 of these frames to showcase some of my 2 year old daughter’s artwork. I was looking for a high end gallery look that was easy to swap artwork out of, to keep her masterpieces fresh throughout the year. These frames are perfect! They are easy to open and will make changing artwork a piece of cake.The quality is great!The price is great!They offer a value twin pack, I suggest buying it!The look is high end.They are easy to use.I used 3M Velcro style strips to make it even easier to move the frames, should I choose to change the sequence of her artwork.This is my first official review on Amazon, way to go Umbra, we’ll done!

    • 5
      Great for collages

      SDG on 2018 Jul 7th

      These are great for oddly shaped pictures or artwork and this time I used them for a collage of family photos. They look great!

    • 3
      I love the look of these

      Shannon M. Stangis on 2018 Jul 5th

      I love the look of these, and the easily movable tabs instead of the cheap metal tabs to secure the backing are great. I’d give them 5 stars but the amount of work I had to do to get off the goo left on the front AND back of the glass cuts off two stars. Floating frames especially shouldn’t have gooey backing on the back AND the generic picture paper glued on the inside. It took 20minutes with GooGone to get it all off and be able to put in the pictures I wanted. Bad packaging.

    • 5
      Excellent Product for the Price!!!

      Manuel in FL on 2018 Jun 23rd

      I needed a couple of floating frames for two Egyptian parchments that I bought while traveling. After reading many reviews, I decided to go with these Umbra Frames and to my surprise, it is an excellent product for its price. Photos have been attached to facilitate your understanding of this description. It has basically three pieces (Pic1), the Outer frame with a non removable glass, an inner frame and a secondary glass that is removable. The removable inner frame is supported by clips and once in place, "sandwiches" whatever picture, painting or in my case, the parchments between both glasses. The frame can be used vertically or horizontally. When used vertically it hangs from one hook. Horizontally, it hangs from two hooks which I didn't like and simply removed both with a screwdriver and placed a single one in the center (Pic2). Pics 3 & 4 show how your new frame will look in both; horizontal and vertical positions. Hope you find this review useful!

    • 5
      HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended frames. Great modern look and good quality.

      the4Cs on 2018 Jun 12th

      These are fantastic frames. They are a clean, basic design and a great price, which for diplomas is perfect. The frame is some sort of composite material, which feels sturdy and gives a quality feel. The metal tabs spin, so it is easy to disassemble and reassemble the frames. And I love the floating look -- real modern and nice.I noticed a few reviews talking about the glue that doesn't come off. The frames come with a plastic tab stuck on the back glass right in the middle. I naturally used this plastic tab when taking the frame apart to lift the back glass out. I believe this is the manufacturer's basically give you a "handle" of sorts to manipulate the back glass without getting your fingerprints all over. This is quite smart and because the tab is stuck in the middle, you don't see it behind whatever you mount in the frame.HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended. I just bought 2 more (now 6 total).

    • 5
      Exactly what I was looking for!

      Tiffany on 2018 Jun 8th

      Exactly as described and what I had in mind. I love that you see the wall through the glass. I used this to frame a poem I made for my husband for Father’s Day. It came out great! (It’s laying on a table so you don’t get the full idea of what it looks like while hanging)

    • 5
      Looks good.

      mrcoachkline on 2018 Jun 8th

      Frame was used to display an old treasury comic from the 70's. Made for a tight fit but did the trick. Looks good.

Black 11X14(28X35.5) Black 11X14(28X35.5) Black 11X14(28X35.5) Black 11X14(28X35.5)
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