Umbra Design

We live it. We breathe it. It's in our soul. We start with inspiration and end with innovation. We make everyday things beautiful and functional.

Design Collaborations

Design collaborations allow us to connect with designers living and working all over the globe. Outside designers bring fresh perspective into our studio, whether they are a seasoned or emerging designer.

The award winning GARBINO CAN designed by Karim Rashid in 1997. Currently in the permanent collection at MOMA in New York City.

Design Competitions

For many years we have engaged students through school collaborations, donations, design competitions and mentorships. Competitions give students an opportunity to hone their skills and potentially have their products support both the students and their schools.

CONCEAL shelf designed by Miron Lior was the winner of the first ever Umbra design competition with the Pratt Institute in New York City