Back to College: Umbra's Favorite Dorm Storage Solutions

Back to College: Umbra's Favorite Dorm Storage Solutions

Posted by Paige Schnarr on 2019 Aug 27th

Cover Photo by ASOS

Organizing a small living space, especially a dorm room, can get quite difficult. It is important to find the right storage solutions in order to ensure your room remains mess-free. With the help of these functional and modern Umbra products you can stay organized while keeping the clutter off of your floors.


The ESTIQUE provides a modern and simple storage solution for bags, belts, backpacks, jackets and more. With round, wooden pegs at the end of each hook, this organizer is both stylish and gentle on items.

Umbra Estique Multi Organizer

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In college, every storage solution counts, especially when it’s over the door. The YOOK OTD HOOK has 8 hooks to hold towels, jackets, backpacks, sweaters and more while keeping clutter off the floor.

Umbra Yook Hook


Personality meets practical with the BUDDY HOOKS and their illusion that Buddy characters are climbing up the wall. A quirky wall décor piece that includes a set of 3 durable hooks that can each hold up to 5 lbs., these wall hooks are the perfect decorative and functional addition to your dorm room. 

Umbra Buddy Hooks

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With lots of shoes and limited space in dorm rooms, shoes end up scattered all over your room and closet. The IMELDA SHOE RACK helps home all of your shoes neatly, working to fit inside a closet or by the door. Rotate this shoe rack to fit additional shoes underneath or purchase more to stack on top. 

Umbra Imelda Shoe Rack

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This universal stool can be used for storage, extra seating or as a tray by your bed. Practical and modern with its natural wood finish, the WOODROW is a versatile essential for college living.


Small but mighty, the MINI can be stored under your desk, by your door or in your bathroom to discreetly store garbage and look cute while doing it. Since many dorm rooms don’t come with garbage cans, the MINI serves as a helpful solution while taking up little space.

Umbra Mini Can


Making transporting your laundry from machine and back easier, this lightweight hamper can be moved around with one hand, thanks to its flexible wire structure. Its easily removable mesh bag can be washed separately, making the CINCH a necessity for storing and moving around your laundry so you don’t have to bring it home to Mom. 


Adding storage to small spaces, the CUBIKO MIRROR & STORAGE UNIT neatly stores beauty products or other accessories on hidden shelves behind it’s vanity mirror. This 2-in-1 unit makes it easy to get ready in the morning with your essentials and mirror in close proximity, all without having to leave your dorm room.

Umbra Cubiko Mirror and Storage Unit