Back to College: Bathroom Accessories

Back to College: Bathroom Accessories

Posted by Paige Schnarr on 2019 Jul 22nd

Cover Photo by Urban Outfitters

Arguing over spending too much time in the bathroom is a common college problem. These bathroom accessories will make sharing this space easier while keeping everyone’s products organized and ensuring the bathroom stays clean. 

Flex Corner Bin

Sharing a shower with your roommates means double or triple the amount of shower products. This FLEX CORNER BIN makes life easier with its suction gel-lock technology, storage hooks and integrated drainage holes, to keep your products dry and organized.

Flex Shower Caddy

The FLEX SHOWER CADDY is flexible in design and can be hung over your shower head or curtain rod to hold all of your essentials. With an integrated drainage system, wide shelves and bottle collars, this caddy helps to maximize space in a typically crowded area. 

Umbra Flex Shower Caddy

Photo from Urban Outfitters

Starfish Hair Catcher

The STARFISH HAIR CATCHER keeps drains clog-free with its practical and fun design. Simply press down to suction to your bath or shower floor and let the starfish do the rest. 

Umbra Starfish Hair Catcher

Photo from Urban Outfitters

Grassy Soap Dish

This GRASSY SOAP DISH features molded, grass-like bristles in order to keep soap from getting soggy. Its smooth bristles help to keep the soap dry and in place, ultimately extending its lifespan. 

Umbra Grassy Soap Dish

Buddy Squeegee

Playful while helpful, the BUDDY SQUEEGEE is a cleaning tool essential that features Umbra's classic Buddy figure. Making cleaning more fun while keeping things spot-free, use the suction cup on the back to store when not in use.

Touch Collection

Touch Soap Pump

The TOUCH SOAP PUMP is a rounded soap pump that easily fits the curvature of your palm. It also features a clear bottom to help see when soap needs to be refilled and is highly durable and easy to clean thanks to its molded material. 

Umbra Touch Soap Pump

Photo from KitchenStuffPlus

Touch Waste Can With Lid

Featuring an easy to remove swinging lid, the TOUCH WASTE CAN's modern matte appearance mixes well in any bathroom while concealing garbage and fitting in narrow spaces.

Umbra Touch Waste Can

Photo from KitchenStuffPlus

Touch Toothbrush Holder

This sleek TOUCH TOOTHBRUSH HOLDER has a soft-touch coating and three compartments to hold toothpaste, toothbrushes and other bathroom products. Its matte finish makes it a modern addition that looks crisp in any bathroom.

Umbra Touch Toothbrush Holder

Photo from KitchenStuffPlus

SureLock In-Shower Dry Bar

The SURELOCK IN-SHOWER DRY BAR features sure-lock technology to keep it securely in place across from your shower rod. A great addition for small spaces, this drying rack helps keep clothes dry and organized and drops down for easy storage. 

Umbra SureLock In-Shower Dry Bar