Back to College: 5 Items to Organize Your Desk

Back to College: 5 Items to Organize Your Desk

Posted by Paige Schnarr on 2019 Jul 16th

Moving all of your belongings to a new and small space can be quite overwhelming. Smart storage solutions help make the transition to college dorm living a bit easier. With these practical and stylish products, all of your items will have their own neat & tidy home, all while your room remains looking cute. 


The HAMMOCK is the ideal organizer to keep your desk clutter-free. A place to store your phone, planner, sunglasses, keys and more; never lose your important everyday items again. This accessory organizer comes in both a small and large size and can be wall mounted or freestanding to accommodate your needs.

Umbra Hammock Organizer Umbra Hammock Organizer


This two-tiered jewelry storage box is both pretty and compact. TESORA’s lid doubles as a tray to store rings or other small pieces and features two fabric-lined bowls that can be stacked or separated to sort and protect jewelry. 


Cute to display and practical, these playful animal ring holders are great to place around your desk or dresser to take off rings before bed or when doing homework. SQUIGGY ring holders are also perfect to share or give as a gift to your roommate or friends.


A versatile and sleek accessory holder, the MINI STOWIT is compact in size but can store a lot with it’s different sized and hidden compartments. Use the tray on top to hold daily accessories or as a spot for your phone, making it ideal to place on your nightstand or dresser.

Umbra Mini Stowit


Keep your phone easily accessible and neatly stored with our JUNIP PHONE HOLDER. This phone holder also has a built-in tray for storing small jewelry pieces, making it easy to place on a bedside table, desk or dresser.