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Win Your Wishlist Giveaway Winner Interview

Win Your Wishlist Giveaway Winner Interview

Paige Schnarr |

Thank you to everyone who entered our Win Your Wishlist Giveaway! One random winner was selected and we asked her a few questions!

Congratulations Lauren!


When did you first learn about Umbra? What was your first product?

L: "I first learned about Umbra back in 2011 when I bought my own house and I was doing that fun part of moving where you go out and buy all of the furniture and decor that make a house a "home". I needed to put all of photos into picture frames and that was my first purchase. Umbra frames really stuck out to me! They are by far the nicest, modern and best quality photo frames and I still only buy Umbra frames to this day."


What was your reaction when you found out you won? 

L: "I ran downstairs to tell my husband who had his head buried in our dryer doing laundry! I couldn't quite get the words out correct because I was filled with so much excitement. He had no idea I entered. I think I mustered out.... Umbra...wishlist...contest... I WON!"


Is there one or two specific items from your wishlist that you're most excited to receive?

L: "Im super excited for all of the items. That goes without saying. But we have been without a coffee table in our recreation room for... well.. we've never even had one! It's always something we've put off because we never really found a table we liked for that area. The graph coffee table is perfect and was one of the first things I put on my wishlist! Gone are the days of using folding TV trays for that room. Super excited to give my plats a forever home in the Triflora and Floristand planters as well."


If you were a product designer for Umbra what do you think you would want to design?

L: "Great question! Umbra products have such great design and craftsmanship. Seeing Umbra products such as the coffee tables, chairs and side tables would really inspire me to go bigger! I see a bigger picture with those items. If I were a product designer for Umbra I would love to expand those horizons by designing larger furniture pieces such as dining tables or even couches and chairs!"


Read more to see the items on Lauren's Wishlist 













Stay on the look out for more contests in the near future and to see how Lauren styled her wishlist items in her home! 

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