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Umbra's Home Office Hacks

Umbra's Home Office Hacks

Paige Schnarr |

With the recent stay-at-home order in effect, our Toronto head office teams began working-from-home and analyzing their current desk spaces. Members of the Design and Marketing teams were challenged with a design activity to use an Umbra product in a way to hack their work-from-home set up.

Below are the descriptions from the teams and their work-from-home hack.




Umbra Tucker Picture Display

Created by Shae Leung & Jane Wang

Shae: "I dislike when my cords fall behind my desk when I am not using it - Tucker helps hold the cords when not in use and keeps it organized. Tucker is not only great at holding my cords, but it is a great way to keep myself organized and motivated by holding my schedule and inspirational pictures."

Jane: "We used Tucker and added more function to it by using it as a cable holder and organizer for cables not being used. It can be mounted to the wall or lean on a desk to create the cable management. It is also nice to hold a small headphone with a small hook on the rod."




 Created by Erica Stevens & Catlin Charles

Erica: "I chose to use a curtain rod for this hack because it’s a great way to utilize our modern and sophisticated finials outside of the window category. Headphones, when not in use, can take up a lot of space and create clutter on the desk, this hack allows them to be neatly stored out of the way when I’m not using them."





Created by Carri Han & Cruz Ali

Cruz: "I chose the Peggy Organizer because of it’s customizability. I found that it could be easily transitioned from a drawer organizer to a desktop organizer just by simply repositioning its pegs to suit whatever storage needs you may have. The simple, modern design also makes it an attractive desktop feature"

Carri: "We chose Peggy Drawer Organizer as we love its modular design that's highly customizable. It is perfect as a desktop organizer since I can customize the pegs to fit books, notebooks, pens and other tools for easy access! Also love its slim and extendable base that can fit on a desk or shelf easily. I had fun painting the white Peggy with Pantone colours of the year so it stays sharp and refreshing in my WFH area!"





Umbra Infinity Sqround Frame

Created by Brianna McGregor & Rachel Steer

Rachel: "I chose to use Infinity Sqround Frame for my work-from-home hack since I was having a hard time keeping track of my agenda for the day and the week. I am a visual worker and don't have much wall space in my tiny apartment for a calendar, so the perfect alternative was to adapt my picture frame into a whiteboard! Now, it sits perfectly at my work-from-home set up and I can see what I have going on that day or week"

Brianna: "I wanted to create a memo board that fits in to my space while helping me organize my day in a simple and easy way – and I think converting Infinity Frame into a memo board does exactly that!"




Umbra Hangtime Clock

Umbra Hangtime Clock

Created by Aine O'Neill & Aniqua Abbas

Aniqua: "Hangtime's strings are perfect for attaching pictures, reminders, or even a snack - staring at the clock has never been so productive!"

Aine: "We thought Hangtime was an appropriate choice for some work from home décor as it functions as a very pleasing decorative piece, as well as a functional item. It can be used as a organizational tool and visual reminder for tasks, notes, photos as well as a place to hang small snacks!"




Created by Jenny Suh & Rouzbeh Sharbaf

Jenny: "While working from home, my desk became flooded with cords for every one of my electronics. All the cords became tangled and chargers were sliding back behind my desk. The ring holders I had on my desk were just heavy enough (and just cute enough) to ensure my cords stayed where I wanted them to and group them how I wanted to. Now my ringer holders not only hold my accessories, but also my computer’s accessories"

Rouzbeh: "The ring holder's detailed design and proper weight helps me prevent cable spaghetti!"





Created by Paige Schnarr & Sung Wook Park

Paige: "Sung Wook's original inspiration for Cascada Organizer was a planner wheel. We wanted to take that functionality from the original inspiration to create our own version. We designed a visual time blocker and planner by printing out this paper, which marked hours of the day (3, 6, 9, 12) and securing it onto the organizers with double-sided tape. We used memo holders so we could easily add or swap reminders and plans for the day and placed those holders in accordance with the time planned for that task.

I think it's a fun way to plan out your time for the day, being able to write out and see your day planned out by hour, almost like a clock. Cascada also doubles as storage, making it easy to add other items, such as stationary, your phone, and more"

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