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How to Bring Cactus, Air Plants & Other Tropical Plants into Your Decor

Bringing plants into your decor is a great way to inject color and soften the look of a modern space. Not to mention plants clean the air, reduce stress and contribute to a variety of other health benefits.

Umbra Trigg Vase with graphic cactus. Learn how to plant one yourself with expert advise from the team at Dynasty.

Air plants (Tillandsia), cactus and other tropical plants are an excellent choice for a modern home for their unique look. And, they are relatively easy to care for when planted the right way.

We collaborated with the experts from Dynasty, a Toronto, Ontario boutique interior design and plant shop to show us how to create modern planters suitable for small and large spaces in pretty much any room of the house.

Umbra Trigg Planters make for stunning air plant and cactus displays in the home. Learn how to create your own planter with expert advice from Dynasty.

HoyaTillandsia (Air Plant), Rhipsalis, and small flowering cactus (we used Echinopsis) are some of our favorite plants for a modern planter. Each has a unique graphic look that makes a big impact in the home. Plus, the organic shapes pair well with the geometric Trigg planter.


What you’ll need to create your planter:

1. The plants of your choice (to make it easy select from above)
2. Fine Gravel for drainage layer
3. Tropical soil mix (you can pick one up at Dynasty or your local plant shop, but any general potting mix will work)
4. TRIGG Planter of choice
5. Decorative stones for the top
6. Tongs if planting cactus (your fingers will thank you)
7. Paint brush for cleaning the outside of the pot
8. Spray bottle for light watering

Learn how to plant Cactus, Air Plants & other tropical plants

Step 1: Add your drainage layer (it should be at least 0.8 inch or 2 cm)

Step 2: Add specialty soil mix (succulent or tropical soil)

Step 3: Loosen the soil from the plant’s root ball and place it in the planter

Step 4: Compress the soil with your fingers (or tool if you’re planting a cactus)

Step 5: Add the decorative stones to cover the soil

Step 6: Water gently with a spray bottle

Step 7: Dust off any dirt that got on the outside of the planter

Umbra Trigg Wall Planters make it easy to add Air Plants, Succulents and other tropical plants into your decor.

How to care for your Air Plant, Cactus and more

The most common issue the Dynasty team sees with failed plants comes from watering improperly and lighting issues. It’s a good idea to do a little research into any houseplant you bring home to understand it’s natural environment and try to recreate that. Most of the plants shared in this post do best with bright indirect light, filtered sun or morning sun.

When it comes to water the general rule of thumb is, “less is more”. So, go ahead and forget a watering or two ;) One tip for checking moisture levels at the bottom of the planter is to stick a wooden chopstick or bbq skewer into the bottom for a minute or two, when you pull it out the wood will indicate if there is residual moisture.

Tip: You can check your moisture levels at the bottom of the planter by sticking a wooden chopstick or bbq skewer into the bottom of the planter. Leave it for a minute or two. If you see residual water, don't add more that day.

About Dynasty

Dynasty is a Toronto based boutique specializing in interior design with a focus on unusual and high-quality tropical botanicals, ceramics, and textile based arts. They love plants and their stock is hand picked, based on uniqueness and beauty.


Dynasty boutique plant and decor shop in Toronto's trendy Queen West

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