fishhotel white

Designer: Teddy Luong
Glass fishbowl with white ABS plastic outer shell. Fishbowls can be stacked to create a hotel effect. Inner bowl is removable for cleaning.
8 x 8 x 8" (19 x 19 x 20cm)
U.S. Patent No. D648,077
CDN IND. DES. REGN. No. 138601
European Design Patent No. 001808387-0002

Color: white

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Designed by

  • Teddy Luong

    Teddy Luong

    Student of the Carleton University's School of Industrial Design in Ottawa, Teddy Luong is the winner of the Canadian Build a Better Competition for his reinvented aquarium, which is modeled after a contemporary condo.  Learn more about Teddy Luong.


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    by Susan , 2013-01-11 09:09:20.0

    My son loved his black fish hotel - came exactly as described, BUT there is no lid for the top. My son got the fish hotel, but later in the week, the cat got the gourami. A clear plastic lid option would be great - would have paid extra for that.

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