buddy salt & pepper shakers

DESIGN: Alan Wisniewski
Add a pinch of whimsy on your table with the buddy salt & pepper. Color--and gender--coded to denote each condiment, this pair of shakers adds fun and taste to any dining occasion.
7 x 3 3/4 x 5 1/2" (17 3/4 x 9 1/2 x 14 cm)
BPA free.
China ZL 2012 3 0310704.0
U.S. Pat No. D679,145

They're moving quick!
Inventory might run low soon for this hot design, but more are on the way! When out, check out other Umbra Kitchen Solutions.

Color: black/white

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Designed by

  • Alan Wisniewski

    Alan Wisniewski

    I have always been interested in art and design growing up, originally wanted to become an architect but then found out about industrial design through a high school teacher. During college I noticed the Bungee wallet and thought it was such a unique innovative idea and looked up Umbra for the first time. Learn more about Alan Wisniewski.



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    by pamela , 2012-12-01 17:00:34.0

    Adorable set! Very simple but smart design, I really love your concept! I look forward to seing a lot more of your work in the near future....

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