Give x Design
from Umbra Shift

A curated collection of thoughtfully designed products
in time for the holidays

Nest Caddy
Design By Umbra Studio

A hold all storage solution, our modular ash wood caddy is designed for pencils and screens alike. Use stacked together or taken apart— a tray,
a box and a tablet stand.

Felt House Slippers
Design By Fugitive Glue

Half sock & half sandal —a felt upper and colorful rope outsole leave you feeling fleecy all year round. Available in green/grey.

Pleated Planter
Design By MSDS

The Pleated Planter is part of a series made to accompany a plant through different stages of growth. Each piece is handmade, sporting geometric pleats that beautifully highlight its contents. It is self-watering, drawing moisture to the plant as needed.

Spoon Clock
Design By Albert Lee

Not really a spoon, this playful maplewood clock and mirror is designed to sit in your pencil cupor on the wall. Tells the time and how you look in a quick flip.

Hot / Cold Carafe
Design By Umbra Studio

A hand-cast carafe made with unique coloured stoneware. Two stackable cups allow for easy storage and safe travels to the table. Hot or cold, two silicone bands keep your hands happy.

Coiled Stool
Design By Harry Allen

Hand-woven threads cover a rattan core to create a surprisingly comfortable tractor seat. The Coiled Stool fits easily into casual and formal environments.

Roll Bottle Opener
Design By Umbra Studio

Anonymous in function and cast from solid brass, this bottle opener might find itself on the vanity sooner than in the kitchen drawer.

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