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Small Bathroom Design With Big Impact

Small space design is a fun challenge for me. It forces you to be a little more creative with the products you bring into the space, because everything must have a specific function and look great.

Umbra and I teamed up to decorate this condo-sized bathroom and here are some of the key pieces that brought it to life.

Ashley Freeman Design Condo Bathroom with Umbra bath products Umbra x Ashley Freeman Design Condo Bathroom


Sometimes hanging towels on hooks just doesn't look good. You end up with a sad blob of terrycloth on your small bathroom footprint. The HUB ladder is the ideal spot to hang your towel in a decorative, aesthetically pleasing way that is intentional. It's also a handy spot to hang your favourite magazine or outfit you are considering wearing.

Umbra HUB Ladder styled by Ashley Freeman Design Umbra HUB Ladder available in white and black - Design by Matt Carr


The simple airy design of this MAGINO stool is the main reason I find it so fitting for a shower. Condo showers aren't typically all that large, so visually you don't want anything too heavy or clunky in there. Having a spot to sit and shave your legs is a game changer!

Umbra Magino Stool designed by Karim Rashid Umbra Magino Stool - Design by Karim Rashid


My goal with this bathroom was to create something unconventional and decorate with pieces you may not otherwise find in a bathroom, while still maintaining practicality and function. The best of these is the CONCEAL floating bookshelf. Why not give yourself (and your guests) the opportunity to flip through a great book while doing their 'royal deed'? It's also a nice way to store your favourite books in a location you will see every day. We all know books have a tendency to collect dust.

Umbra Conceal Bookshelf Collection Umbra CONCEAL Floating Bookshelf - Design by Miron Lior


Another item that I incorporated in the design was the SLIDER photo display. Typically this design is used to display photos on a desk, but I love having it on the wall to display photos, and more importantly to get essential toiletries off the counter.  It helps to keep your bathroom products organized, which is key when storage space is limited. SLIDER when used this way also becomes a shelf where I can add a touch of green.  The mini rose bush has been potted into one of Umbra's TOUCH toothbrush holders.

Umbra Slider Photo Display Umbra SLIDER Photo Display & Storage - Design by Youssef Sayarh


I love when a design has an interactive element, it's nice to have a space that lives with you instead of just looking pretty. I used TALK bubble magnets that you usually see on a fridge to allow your friends and family to leave funny or loving messages. This is a full proof method of ensuring the bathroom experience is a pleasant one! BUDDY hooks are used to hang small hand towels. I just love the playful element both these designs add to the space.

Umbra Buddy Hooks Umbra BUDDY Hooks available in black, white, and multi colours - Design by Alan Wisniewski Umbra TALK BUBBLE Magnets - Design by Alan Wisniewski & Carolina Kim


Umbra Decker Shower Caddy Umbra DECKER Shower Caddy - Design by Anthony Keeler


We all know the bathroom is one room you can't avoid visiting throughout your day, so why not make sure it meets your needs aesthetically and functionally? In my designs I challenge myself to use items in new and creative ways to benefit my clients' lifestyles, and it was a joy to be doing so with the products at Umbra which are already so versatile and beautifully designed.

A modern solution for storing toiletpaper Umbra Slinger Toilet Paper Stand & Reserve Umbra SLINGER Toilet Paper Stand & Reserve - Design by Tom Chung Umbra WOODROW Waste Bin - Design by Henry Huang


To see the full video of this bathroom collaboration check out Ashley Freeman's Design Blog. You can also visit her on Instagram - @AshleyFreemanDesign and check out her YouTube design show.


Posted by Ashley Freeman

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