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Love Your Organized Bathroom

Fall in love with your bathroom again by making the most of your existing space.

Umbra Flex Gel-Lock Bathroom Storage Collection

Walls in your shower are often underutilized and we want to help you make that space work better. Our new collection of in shower storage, Flex Gel-Lock™, was designed to give you the extra storage you need.

It is the perfect solution for showers that don’t have built-in shelves - this no mess, no tools solution can provide organization in your bathroom without the hassle of difficult installation.

How does it work? The unique protected Gel-Lock™ technology uses a polyurethane gel to seal out air for a long lasting hold. The click to "lock installation" makes it a breeze to set up and ensure a secure hold.


How to Install

Simply clean the surface, press product into place avoiding grout lines, and twist to activate Gel-Lock™ technology.

Umbra Flex Gel Lock Collection Umbra Flex Gel Lock Collection

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