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Dorm Room Inspiration: Glamorous Gold Decor

If you like decorating you are going to love the blank canvas of your dorm room. An empty space lets you define your style as you begin your university life. At Umbra we know good design will make your space functional and beautiful, and we are excited to inspire you to
create a space that is all your own. Sticking to a theme will make your room fluid and help you choose décor that works well together. If you’re as enamored by brass as much as we are you are going to love these accessories that will take your small white space to a glamorous and functional home that highlights your awesome style.

Umbra metal wallflower and OH Chair featured on Dormify add style and function to the room. Photo Credit: Dormify


Wallflower Wall Display 

You will make a big impact with these brass metal wall flowers. They have peel 'n stick backing that makes installation a breeze. Take some inspiration from Dormify and add gold tape to the wall for a stunning display.

Umbra Metal Wallflower in Brass makes a beautiful 3D wall decoration and is easy to mount.

Oh Chair

The curvy lines of the Umbra OH Chair look great and the flexible molded plastic material is incredibly comfy to sit in. Perfect for long nights of writing papers.

Umbra Oh Chair makes a great desk chair. Curved lines add comfort. Stackable for easy storage. Photo Credit: Dormify


Trig Wall Vessel

Display your office supplies by your desk, or bring in some nature with a succulent to brighten up the room. Use 3M hooks to hang without drilling.

Umbra Trigg Wall Vessel makes a beautiful wall planter and and can be used to hold desk accessories and other knickknacks.

Vana Beauty Organizer

Every girl needs one. This portable organizer with two shelves and a detachable mirror lets you do your make up anywhere. Store it to the side to keep the desk surface free for homework, and bring it out when you’re ready to perfect your winged eyeliner.

Umbra Vana Organizer in White is the perfect make up station and includes a detachable mirror.

Magnolia Ring Holder

A beautiful decoration and ring holder in one, this dish adds sparkle as it stores your rings and small accessories.

Umbra Magnolia ring holder in brass makes looks beautiful and holds small accessories. Photo Credit: Lisa Angel


Loop Side Table

This low profile side table won’t cramp your small room. It’s a great place for your alarm clock, lamp, or phone charger beside your bed.

Umbra Loop side table in copper takes up little space and makes a bold statement.

Pendant Triangle Scarf Holder

Make your scarves a wall piece instead of stuffing them away. This accessory holder efficiently stores scarves and jewelry while looking beautiful in a brass finish, and can even be used to display photos.

Umbra Pendant Triangle Scarf Holder is perfect for hanging accessories or even displaying photos


Prisma Frames

Adding photos to your new space will instantly make it feel more like home. These matte brass Prisma frames showcase your photos with interesting wire shapes and will look amazing on your desk or hung on the wall.

Umbra prisma frame can be hung on a wall or displayed on a desk. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes including brass, copper, chrome, and black.



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