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Umbra Journal

Introducing the Umbra 2017 Spring Collection

This is an exciting time of year when we travel the globe meeting with our retail partners to share the latest collection. Here are some highlights from our most recent product launch.

umbra living room decor featuring HUB Ladder, white and natural wood side table, white and natural wood clock, trigg planter and rainbow wall decor Rimwood Clock, Trigg Vase, Hub Ladder, Confetti Wall Decor, Oh Chair, Lexy Side Table



Umbra rainbow decor and marble trash cans Colonnade Trash Can in Onyx, Confetti Wall Decor in Rainbow, Bungee Aluminum Card Case in Rainbow, Metalla Trash Can in Rainbow, Icelet Ring Holder in Rainbow, Jacks Ring Holder in Rainbow, Skinny Can in Speckled Black and White


Our fascination with rainbows is nothing new, but applying this unique and always changing finish to the home certainly is. The Umbra design team has spent the better part of a year working to perfect this colour approach across a broad range of products. The result is a unique iridescent application to both metals and plastics that will allow anyone to bring a piece of this new colour trend into their home.

Natural stone is coveted by many, but affordable ways to include these materials in the home are difficult to find. Through new production applications, the umbra team has found a way to create the look of natural stone in molded plastics. All cans sold in North America are made in North America.


Umbra kitchen organization products in vibrant colours Joey Soap Dispenser, Tub Dish Rack, Saddle Sink Caddy, Mytea Infuser in bright new hues teal, canary yellow, mint and white


The approach to our design in the kitchen is to keep the sink area organized and highly functional. Functional does not mean boring at Umbra, we we've introduced vibrant colour to the category.

Colours were carefully chosen pulling hues from food and those that complement it. The result is a playful pallet that will brighten any kitchen space.



Products for home organization from Umbra Cinch Laundry Basket, Float Utensil Holder, Pogo Hook, Udry Absorbent Dish Mat & Rack


It’s not enough to be good looking, to earn a space in someone’s home you have to make life better. This year, we’re more serious than ever about making everyday chores easier. Introducing highly functional designs that solve the pain points that come with day-to-day life.



New decor from umbra introduces soft edges - word art and phantom frames Hello and Paradise Word Wall Decor, Phantom Frame and Photo Clips


Having led the geometric trend in past decor collections, this year, the umbra team introduces a softer profile to the category. The result is a new collection of frames and casual photo clips that mix soft lines with pleasing metals, and playful word art inspired by neon signage. All designs have been considered from every angle giving them new life depending on the time of day or placement of the viewer in a space.

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