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Umbra Journal

Customize Your Frame with Hand Lettering

Curating a space with a good energy will help make your home a happy, peaceful place. A framed custom message can be a reminder to adjust your head space to match your physical space and can add beauty to your room. Favourite quotes, inspirational messages, and words to live by have become an increasingly popular design trend for the home.

If you like calligraphy and quotes for your home, you'll love Belinda Love Lee's custom illustrations. Belinda Love Lee is a fellow Torontonian with a design and illustration studio that specializes in branding, hand lettering, and illustrations. We are excited to share how Belinda uses Umbra products to display her beautiful lettering and to inspire you to create a positive atmosphere for your home.

Umbra Cubist wall shelf and planter used as a unique frame featuring word art designed by Belinda Love Lee.

The Cubist display isn't normally a frame, but I thought it would be cool to go against it's normal grain and purpose by using it to hang up pieces of work. I chose to go with a quick, messy and almost avant-garde kind of lettering in this piece to match the forward thinking 'frame' and also to show a more behind the scenes kind of style.

Umbra Matrix frame in matte black featuring word art designed by Belinda Love Lee.

Since the Matrix frame itself is black and bold, I decided to go with a thick brushy stroke style to match the exterior frame.

Umbra Senza frame copper makes a beautiful desk display featuring word art by Belinda Love Lee.

Senza is the perfect kind of frame to have a prime seat on your desk. I wanted to put a quick and straight forward message in it as a reminder to 'find myself.' It's all about self love up in here. I went with a thinner, more flowery approach to the lettering matching the delicate and elegant style of the copper frame.

Umbra Catch accessory organizer makes for a unique display featuring word art by Belinda Love Lee.

Again taking another accessory display and using it for a different purpose, Catch makes for a perfect 'catch' to put handmade greeting cards. Sorry about the pun, it just had to be done! Hand lettering wise I went with the thinner pencil styling approach to match the minimalist design of the frame.

Umbra Prisma frame makes a unique and motivating display featuring word art by Belinda Love Lee.

Of all the frames I think the Prisma is by far my favourite! It just displays so beautifully and can be used either as a standing frame or hung on the wall. To match the delicate geometric patterns of the frame, I chose to go with a more organic, flowy, yet still delicate lettering style.

Learn more about Belinda Love Lee Design & Illustration Studio and share your framed messages using #myumbra.

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