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Complete Your Decor with a DIY Hanging Planter

Decorating with plants is one of the easiest ways to make a house feel like home and give you that just styled designer look.

Umbra Shift Pleated Dish design by MSDS turned into a handing plant display.
Recently, Umbra Studio designer Adrienna Matzeg decided to turn a birthday gift – a beautiful Staghorn Fern – into a DIY home decor project. In one weekend she turned an Umbra Shift Pleated Dish into a striking hanging planter.

Adrienna tells us exactly how it's done so you can also get this look at home.

You will need approximately 1 hour and the following materials:


STEP 1: Preparation 

First, prepare the ceiling anchor and screw in the hook. Then cut three pieces of rope, each 13 ft (4 m) long. Thread the ropes through the metal ring until the ring is at their mid-point. Adrienna tied a Gathering Wrap knot, as in formal macramé, and you can find video instructions here. Next hang the ring on the hook before you begin knotting. Adrienna found it easier to knot while it was hanging in place, so she could decide the height of the planter while knotting.

Gathering Wrap knot used to create a DIY hanging planter using the Umbra Shift Pleated Dish.


STEP 2: Knotting Sequence 

Divide the ropes into 3 pairs. Measure about 38 in (96.5 cm) down from the steel ring (this will depend on ceiling height) and knot each pair. The knots should all be aligned horizontally. After knotting, divide the ropes again, taking one string from each adjacent pair. Measure down 13.5 in (33 cm) from the knots you just made, and knot each new pair, making sure they align horizontally. Measure down 5.5 in (14 cm) and repeat this step. You should have three sets of three knots.

DIY hanging planter tutorial by Umbra designerDIY hanging planter tutorial by Umbra designer

STEP 3: Finishing 

Measure down 2.5 in (6.4 cm) from the lowest layer of knots and gather all the rope together. Tie a single knot. At this point make sure all your knots are tight. Lastly, cut all the ropes to the desired length, Adrienna chose to leave approx. 3 in (7.6 cm) and fray the ends.

Umbra Shift Pleated Dish being made into a hanging planter by Umbra designer. Umbra Shift Pleated Dish makes a stunning hanging planter. Learn how to create your own from Umbra designer Adrienna Matzeg.  Photography by Jacob Mailman.


The Umbra Shift Pleated Planter is designed by MSDS. MSDS is a Toronto-based, multi-disciplinary design practice that brings together experience in interior, furniture and product design.

The pleated design of the planter is a modern approach to a traditional material - stoneware. The Pleated Dish is part of a collection including a vase and self watering planter.

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Photography by designer and photographer Jacob Mailman.

Umbra Shift Pleated Dish makes a stunning hanging planter. Learn how to create on yourself from an Umbra designer.

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