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New Coat

FLIP hook now comes in natural wood and
assorted colored hooks.

DESIGN: David Quan

Refined Snacking

The new casual serveware mixes polished ceramic, Acacia wood and stainless steel.

DESIGN: Sung Wook Park and Dennis Cheng

Check Mate

WOBBLE Chess Set

DESIGN: Adin Mumma



Now available in matte black and brass.

DESIGN: Fiona Ara

CAGE clock

Wooden clock with metal cage cover.

DESIGN: Alan Wisniewski

Casual Serveware

Party up and entertain in these starter servers
and appetizer trays.

DESIGN: Sung Wook Park and Dennis Cheng

Optical D├ęcor

Get the right illusion on your wall with WAVE, GEOMETRIC and HIVE.

DESIGN: Moe Takemura

Web Exclusives

Umbra designs you can only find in our store.

RINSE colander & strainer

DESIGN: Jordan Murphy