Matt Carr

Matt Carr

Born in Ottawa, Canada, Matt Carr first sparked his passion for design interning at Douglas Cardinal Architects. Receiving an "All-Canadian Academic" award for scholastic and varsity achievements at Humber College School of Industrial Design, Matt has been working with Umbra since his second year of Post-Secondary education. Subtle design detail, style references and the reinvention of traditional objects distinguish his signature designs. Recent inspirations include mixing cross-cultural orientations, while simultaneously fusing new technology and natural materials in intriguing compositions.


1. What are some of the Umbra products you designed? What is your specialty/expertise? What are you currently working on?

I have been working at Umbra for 9 years so I have been able to dabble in a few different categories. I have designed everything from a POSTINO mailbox, to a ROLLY side table, to a limited edition TEA TIME CLOCK that was produced here in Toronto. I spend most of my time brainstorming ideas and themes with the designers. Dreaming up the next big idea, whether it is a new program of wall décor or a new direction for kitchen. I am also working with dozens of external designers and directing student competitions around North America. Working with the students allows them to better understand the business of design and opens doors for them to get their ideas manufactured. It also gives Umbra a sneak peak at fresh new design talent. The CONCEAL, WISHBONE, TALK BUBBLE, and FISH CONDO are all great examples of student collaborations.


2. What are some of the blogs/books/magazines that you read for inspiration?

  • Apartamento magazine
  • Monocle magazine


3. Out of all Umbra designs, what are some of your favourite products? What do you like about the product?


  • Everyone loves instant cameras. The SNAP FRAME offers an affordable way to create a dynamic wall installation with these original 4 x 4 photos. You can even use a dry erase marker to personalize.
  • Inspired by a classic soap bottle, the SUDZ soap pump is a simple ceramic idea that has great play factor with a nostalgic reference. Pure in function and form.
  • The CLIPPER hook has an industrial reference that I love. The JUMBO sized clips are super strong and spring clip is great for holding bags.

Products designed by Matt Carr

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