David Quan

David Quan

David Quan graduated in Industrial Design with top honors in 1990. David started his career at an internationally acclaimed design studio, the Axis group, working in a diverse range of industries including furniture, toys, sporting goods, medical, high tech and telecommunication equipment. Much of his experience was focused around establishing brand requirements and adherence guidelines. David has spent the last 17 years at Umbra focusing on plastic technology, sustainability and designing award winning product design (Good Design award, Housewares award, Form Award, Design Defined Award, IHA award). Since 2008, David has been teaching in the design department at OCAD University. Currently, David is Director of Education for the professional organization ACIDO (Association of Chartered Industrial Designers, Ontario).


1. What are some of the Umbra products you designed? What is your specialty/expertise? What are you currently working on?

Sustainability, plastic, and design thinking. Some of the products I have designed are; ICELET jewelry tree, POUCHO soap pump, METALLA step can, FLIP hook, ZEN bath hardware, VIDRIO bath collection, RAINDROP jewelry dish, and SLIP shoe horn


2. What are some of the blogs/books/magazines that you read for inspiration?

  • BusinessWeek innovation and design (www.businessweek.com/innovation)
  • TED talks (www.ted.com)
  • Design Crack (http://designcrack.com/v2/about)
  • Treehugger (www.treehugger.com)
  • Thinkreallybig (http://thinkreallybig.wordpress.com)


3. Out of all Umbra designs, what are some of your favourite products? What do you like about the product?


  • GARBINI can- simple, useful, made of corn!
  • BUNGEE wallet- great for credit cards, perfect size
  • POSTINO- beautiful form, makes any house look better.


4. Additional stuff you'd like to include:

These are some other favourite products:

  • Lamy 2000 pen
  • My bike
  • Freitag bag
  • Converse shoes

Products designed by David Quan

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